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Name: Ron Robertson
Date: 11/22/2019
Message: I've had to the pleasure of having Norwegian Elkhounds since 1980. I love your Elkhounds, and would love to bring one home to Virginia. Thanks for your line of Norwegian Elkhounds.

Name: Ron Robertson
Date: 11/17/2019
Message: You have beautiful Norwegian Elkhounds. I got my first Elkhound in 1980, I love this breed. I'd appreciate info regarding the process of getting on a list for one of your next puppies. Thanks for the pictures. Ron (Thor) Robertson

Name: Peggy Cunningham
Date: 06/17/2019
Message: Norwegian Elkhound owner 42 years. Colorado

Name: Judy Lynn Wolfe
Date: 06/08/2018
Message: beautiful elkhounds - loved looking at all the pictures and reading about the dogs performance titles. would love to have one come to live with me

Name: Marcella Pelletier - FRANCE
Date: 01/25/2018
Message: We think you have the most beautiful Elkhounds in all of the world and would like to come and visit you this summer. I will contact.

Date: 05/29/2017

Name: Errol Flynn
Date: 05/16/2017
Message: Hey Maggie and Sally! Found your website! Love all the pictures of these beautiful dogs. See you two around town and until then, be well!

Name: Gary G. Skinner
Date: 01/15/2017
Message: Love the dogs. Next Elkhound puppy.

Name: Richard Bravo
Date: 11/30/2016
Message: I am very impressed by the absolute beauty of your Norwegian Elkhounds. I live in Northern New Jersey and have been a dog owner all of my life. I have researched this breed quite thoroughly and have reach the conclusion that I would be very interested in purchasing a pup from you . Do you have any litters available for sale ? Thanks and may God Bless your Norwegian Elkhounds !

Name: Annie Hudson Williams
Date: 03/01/2016
Message: I'm from Australia. Love your beautiful boy Seth. I appreciate the classic type of Kamgaard Elkhounds. Best wishes. Annie :)


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